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Pricing for Wayne Barnett Software is based on asset size. The best value is when you bundle all five systems.

All Systems Bundle

less than


Assets $60MM to $750MM


Assets greater than $750MM


System Bundle Includes:
  • Cash Transaction Monitor
  • Wire Transaction Monitor
  • Suspicious Activity Monitor
  • Digital Customer Knowledge
  • OFAC-It at a discounted price

Only Purchase What You Need

If the bundle is more than you want, we also offer a la carte solutions that let you only purchase what you need. 

Get the product guide to help you decide the capabilities you need.

Get pricing guide to see a full menu of our pricing options.

No Hidden Charges

You’ll be happy to know our prices include free installation and free training. There are no hidden costs or fees. What you see is what you pay.

No Long-Term Contracts

All contracts are year-to-year, with no auto-renewal. The clock starts after your free 30-day trial, that is, once you decide you like our systems and you like working with Wayne Barnett Software.

We promise we will work hard every day, to earn and keep your business.