Wire Transaction Monitor

The Wire Transaction Monitor (WTM) automates all of your record keeping, as required by the BSA travel rule. It also does OFAC scrubs.


  • Performs behavior modeling and alerts you when customers have unusual wire activity.
  • Simplifies the search for specific wire transaction-details.
  • Performs OFAC checks on originator and beneficiary names, for both incoming and outgoing wires.
  • Performs 314(a) checks and keeps the results for the mandatory five years.
  • Reduces the time for OFAC scrubs by 90%.


  • Automates the Enhanced Due Diligence function and simplifies the monitoring of high-risk accounts.
  • Greatly reduces response time for subpoenas and regulatory requests.
  • Produces great statistics for the MLR report.
  • Our OFAC checker operates in-house; a slow Internet connection will not impact the system.


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