At Wayne Barnett Software, our products are designed for fast-learning and easy use. Our goal is to save your bank money and make your job easier.

You See What’s Important

Our reports are succinct and easily understood. Our parameter selections are intelligently designed so that you always see the most important information first. And, our drill-down strategies reveal all the gory details that the scoundrels hid from your core banking system.

You Don’t Pay Extra For Interfaces

Our products interface with over 20+ core banking systems. Chances are good that includes yours. If not, chances are good we can develop one for you–at no additional cost.

You Don’t Pay Extra for Installation or Training

We’re often asked how much we charge for installation, training and regulatory updates. The answer is $0. The prices posted on our web site are all-inclusive.

Your Data Stays in Your Data Center

Our software is designed to run on your servers, in your data center, and not in the cloud. All of our products operate with Microsoft SQL. We work beautifully on SQL-2008/2012/2014/2016 Express (a free database management system from Microsoft, which could save you several thousand dollars). And we don’t require a dedicated server. We’ll be as careful with your assets, as we are with our own.

You’re our number one priority

We’ll work hard to earn your business. Our one-year contracts make it easy for you to leave, if we ever let you down. But trust us ma’am and sir: we won’t let you down.

Try our no risk, 30-day free trial and you’ll see for yourself: purchasing new software does not have to be stressful.