Suspicious Activity Monitor

The FBI estimates that in 2018,  31% of U.S. banks will have significant losses from fraud. The Suspicious Activity Monitor (SAM) helps you to stack the odds in your favor.


  • Performs behavior modeling and alerts you when customers have unusual activity.
  • Warns you when large debits appear to be paid against uncollected funds.
  • Promptly reports consumer and commercial ACH debits that may be fraudulent.
  • Alerts you to potential corporate account takeovers (CATOs).
  • Advises you when customers have frequent kites.
  • Warns you when customers have 90+ days between transactions.
  • Alerts you when customers are dealing with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.


  • It’s a fact of life: the less you look at, the more you see. SAM’s behavior modeling greatly reduces false-positive results.
  • Automates the Enhanced Due Diligence function and simplifies the monitoring of high-risk accounts.
  • Works seamlessly with all transactions.
  • Keeps track of returned ACH transactions and gives special attention to unauthorized debits.
  • Helps you determine your off-balance sheet ACH risk.
  • Monitors IATs for OFAC compliance.
  • Reports government benefit payments that may be posted illegally.


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