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Our Beginning and Our Mission

Wayne Barnett Software started in 2000. Wayne’s mission is to create software that is easy to use and affordable. After 23 successful years, the mission continues.
Since the beginning, we’ve done things in a different way. Specifically:
  • We don’t require our customers to purchase a dedicated server.
  • We encourage our customers to use free database systems.
  • Our contracts are annual agreements with no auto-renewal.
  • We offer a 30-day free trial.
  • There’s no charge for training or installation.
  • There’s no termination fee.
  • Our technology is 100% Microsoft and we develop everything we sell.
We’ve been profitable every year and our reputation is rock solid–so we plan to keep doing things the same way. And that’s not all.
  • For 22+ years we’ve published the BSA Examiner, a free industry newsletter with great stories and advice.
  • We’ve never belonged to a national or state banking association, or an online banking website. We feel it’s wrong to pay people to endorse our products. Instead, we ask you to check our references.
  • We don’t use high-pressure sales techniques. 
  • We don’t use foreign developers. If we don’t develop it, we don’t sell it.
  • We are a small company: just two people. But after 23 years of work, we have a great portfolio of systems. 
  • And any time you call us, you’ll be speaking with someone who can help you.
If you want to know more about Wayne & Maureen, visit our At Home with Barnett Software site at
Take a look at our products. We think you’ll like what you see.
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Our Staff

Wayne Barnett – Founder, Chief Architect

Wayne began working with computers in 1976, and has 40 years of experience in banking. He has multiple degrees and education in accounting and law. Wayne’s business strategy is simple: the most profitable customer is the one you keep. So, we work hard to keep every customer happy.

Maureen Barnett – Head of Software Development

Maureen joined Wayne Barnett Software in 2012 as a programmer. Her background is software engineering, mainly in the aerospace and telecom fields. She calls herself a girly-geek because she loves digging into new technologies, but at the same time she loves all things artistic. Maureen has five patents for software design and has won multiple awards for her art work.
Wayne and Maureen have been together since 2007, and were married on January 2, 2017

Mark Schwarz – CEO

Mark began working in software in 1996.  He’s been a founder or early employee at four data-centric software startups, primarily in the Austin area.  Each of those startups depended on a healthy, safe banking and lending environment to grow. He’s seen that getting the fundamentals right, day after day, creates the best experience for customers.  

Mark has a degree in computer science from Texas A&M.  He started working with Wayne and Maureen in 2023.