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Easy ID

Easy ID is a customer information program (CIP) system. It consolidates CIP data for both consumer and commercial accounts. And, it streamlines the work required for beneficial ownership compliance.


  • Easy ID (EID) makes it simple to identify beneficial owners for a qualifying company.
  • The system quickly identifies beneficial owners tied to multiple companies.
  • The system monitors entities tagged as needing a “beneficial-ownership review” and reports on the review status.
  • EID provides OFAC checks on new customers, signors, and beneficial owners.
  • It performs OFAC scrubs against the entire EID CIP database.
  • The system lets you attach comments, documents, spreadsheets and .pdf files to the CIP records.
  • EID alerts you if critical data is missing from newly opened accounts.
  • The system has a new-account questionnaire that will help you identify customers anticipating above-average activity.


  • The data entered into EID is retained indefinitely.
  • The CIP data can be tied to multiple accounts.
  • All CIP forms, including certification of beneficial owners, can be reprinted at any time.
  • The data from the new-account questionnaire is passed to the EDD function in CTM. This helps identify customers who “open accounts with deception”. (Or, to put it differently: EID helps you identify lying scoundrels that you don’t want as a customer.)
  • The OFAC checker operates in-house; it will not be impeded by a slow Internet connection.
  • And, EID helps your bank “go green” by removing the need to print and store documents.

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