Cash Transaction Monitor

The Cash Transaction Monitor (CTM) helps you comply with the Bank Secrecy Act and USA PATRIOTS Act.


  • Automatically identifies related accounts (for example: husband, wife and wife’s mother).
  • Performs an Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) of customers at the relationship level and assigns a cumulative risk rating.
  • Assigns a “next review due date”, based on the results of the EDD analysis.
  • Prompts you when it’s time to again review a customer.
  • Quickly and efficiently analyzes commercial accounts for unusual activity, as required for Beneficial Ownership compliance.

And that’s not all

  • On a daily basis, you can quickly identify all aggregate cash transactions that require CTRs.
  • Provides easy electronic filing of CTRs, SARs and DOEPs.
  • Performs 314(a) checks and keeps the results for the required five years.
  • Reminds you when daily/biweekly or monthly tasks have not yet been completed.


  • Automates the Enhanced Due Diligence process and clearly documents the derived results.
  • Automates the review for unusual activity, as required for Beneficial Ownership.
  • Automates the creation of CTRs and SARs. Eliminates the need to store and manage the FinCEN pdf files.
  • Alerts you to structuring and laundering transactions.
  • Gives you access to unlimited free training.
  • And, unlimited access to Wayne Barnett (one of the best BSA consultants you’ll ever meet).


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