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OFAC and USPA-314a Checking

OFAC Checking

We have the best OFAC checking product on the market. It is fast, reliable, and intelligently designed.

    • Our OFAC checker operates in-house and does not rely on a fast Internet connection. You will not be constrained by the speed of your Internet.

    • You can perform OFAC checks on the entire customer database, as wells as incoming and outgoing wires, and IAT transactions.

    • Our algorithms reduce the number of false-positives without maintaining white-lists.

    • All OFAC checks are logged and maintained in the database so that you can prove to the examiners that  you did the checks.

    • The time to perform an OFAC scrub may be reduced by as much as 90%.

    • An additional light-weight stand alone product is available for the teller line and provides checking of individual names without the need for an internet connection.

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USAPA-314a Checking

We help reduce the pain of your bi-weekly USAPA-314a checking with a simple, automated approach.

    • All check results are logged and maintained in the database and available for reporting to the examiners. You do not have to maintain paper copies.

    • The check results are maintained for the required five years.

    • You can perform 314a checks on your customer database and all wire transactions.

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