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Digital Customer Knowledge

Our Digital Customer Knowledge (DCK) system will document and substantiate your compliance with BSA and AML regulations.

  • It’s a case management tool that clearly shows the data reviewed in deciding to file, or not file, a SAR.

  • It’s a customer-management tool that reminds you to obtain new information and update your files.

  • It’s a secure file sharing system.

    • Any type of file (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Text, etc.) can be uploaded into DCK.

    • Once a file is uploaded to DCK, it is considered “frozen”. Any change to the file will create a new version of the file;  the original version remains unaltered.

    • Documents can be marked as “Private”; private documenta are only accessible to specifically authorized people.

  • All data entered into DCK is stored at the customer-level, in a “dossier”. 

    • A dossier can be exported to a private folder and shared with auditors, regulators, directors and other interested parties.

DCK is a database system that’s fast and easy to use.  We employ Microsoft SQL technology, so your IT folks will have no trouble with security controls and backup procedures.


  • DCK lets you use all available data to document why customer’s activity is or isn’t suspicious.

  • Full integration with all of our products means a simple click-through takes you to a customer’s dossier.

  • Our flexible case management strategy lets you open, update, and close a customer dossier–based on your work flow. You have complete control on how the process works.

  • Each dossier displays a twelve-month transaction summary to let you quickly see increasing or decreasing trends.

  • Ticklers are built-in to the system. DiCK will prompt you when it’s time to revise and review a customer’s data.

  • Every dossier can be printed or exported to a secure folder and easily shared with those who have a valid interest.


  • DCK simplifies your EDD procedures by helping you document, organize and present your findings.

  • The system helps your bank reduce the number of printed and stored reports.

    • At every institution, data security is improved when fewer reports are produced. (Less paper = more security.)

    • DCK also helps you comply with the regulators “Green Initiative”.

  • Data is stored in an SQL database. Users can review and update customer information from any PC on the network.

  • Versioning control of documents provides built-in audit trails.

  • Data is kept indefinitely. (Even deleted reports are kept one-year, to protect against employee malfeasance.)

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