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Case Management and CIP

Case Management and Documentation

Our case management tool, Digital Customer Knowledge, is a flexible system that lets you document and maintain supporting information on all your customer reviews.

It’s fast, it’s easy to use and it utilizes Microsoft SQL technology (so security and system backups are easily managed).

    • You can create digital dossiers for your customers to store comments, documents, spreadsheets, images, or any other type of data.

    • You can control access to sensitive data. An employee’s security level dictates what they can see.

    • It’s a centralized place to store and coordinate your review finding for EDD. Simple click-thru’s let you add or update a customer’s files from any report you view.

    • Versioning control of documents provides built-in audit trails, so you know how and when your documents were changed.

    • Your users can view and update dossiers from any PC on the network.

    • All information is kept electronically, reducing the number of printed and stored reports.

    • Helps you comply with the regulators “green initiative”.

Find out more about the Digitial Customer Knowledge system.

CIP and Beneficial Ownership

Our customer information program (CIP) system, Easy ID consolidates CIP documentation for both consumer and commercial accounts, and streamlines the work required for beneficial ownership compliance.

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