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The BSA Examiner Newsletter

The BSA Examiner is a quarterly newsletter of original content published by Wayne Barnett Software.

The goal of our newsletter is to inform independent bankers of current issues that may effect their BSA and AML programs. In the process, we strive to make complex issues understandable with engrossing, engaging and real-world examples.

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What others are saying about The BSA Examiner:

I was wandering if me and my team could be added to receive this newsletter. We love the stories that are shared.

January, 2021

The stories in your newsletter do more to drive change in our BSA compliance, than anything our auditors say.

November, 2020

When we asked for clarification on an MRA concerning single member LLCs, our examiner sent us a link to volume 78 of your newsletter. Mr. Barnett, you explain things really well!

October, 2020

We thought we had no risk from mobile deposit, since we didn’t offer it. Then we had $26,000 in losses in six weeks. We’ve loved your newsletter for years and in 2021, I’ll bet we love you software.

June, 2020

We’re so glad we left Verafin for Barnett. We actually understand what your reports say. Had it not been for your newsletter, we wouldn’t have known you guys existed.

May, 2020

(Note from Wayne Barnett: Yes ma’am, we respect you too much to make cold calls and use high-pressure tactics. To us, that’s just wrong.) 

I just  finished your latest newsletter. Thank you for giving us information that makes sense, on topics that no one else will address.

January, 2021