The BSA Examiner

The BSA Examiner is a quarterly newsletter of original content published by Wayne Barnett Software. The goal of our newsletter is to inform independent bankers of current issues that may effect their BSA and AML programs. In the process, we strive to make complex issues understandable with engrossing, engaging and real-world examples.

What others are saying about The BSA Examiner:

Your newsletter is the most informative publication I’ve read on the risks with ACH. You make it all so understandable.

Each newsletter is read and discussed by the board.

Thank you for the fantastic advice — keep it coming..

I’ve been reading your newsletter for 14 years, it’s great.

Best advice there is for keeping ahead of the bad guys.

The regulators first introduced me to your newsletter, and they’re right: it is a must read.

Your newsletters are required reading at our Graduate School of Banking.

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